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Welcome to RHRdesigns!

Handcrafted Jewelry & Custom Designs

Happy New Year!

In person shopping dates and locations for 2024 will start being posted in March. 

About the Artist

I find it hard to write about myself so I’d rather frame my history with the people who helped and influenced my craft.


My dad was sheet metal fabricator who owned his own shop, so I grew up around metals, tools and equipment. I still remember him helping me create my first major metal piece when I was 11, a 3’x2’ copper ship wall hanging. My high school offered jewelry classes and I was hooked. The jewelry teacher noticed my passion and invited me to her home studio often to teach me techniques she could not cover in class. At the same time I was discovering my love for creating jewelry, my father’s mentor and friend passed away. He left his jewelry tools, metal forming equipment and lapidary equipment to us. From there, I worked on my own and took occasional classes when possible. In my 20’s I was fortunate to apprentice with a well-known jeweler in Southern Maine who generously shared her knowledge and business contacts.


I laid down my tools for 22 years to pursue a different career path and raise a family. People often asked why I was no longer working in my studio. Time, just not enough of it. But, now I am back at it and couldn’t be happier.


So, thank you to all of the people who influenced and supported me over the years, those who encouraged me to return to my craft, and to all of you who are now visiting my website.


     Rachael H Ryan

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